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Tips for Buying a Mattress

15 October 2011

Here at Belmont Furnishings, we understand how important the right mattress is to ensure a good nights sleep. Considering that you'll probably be using your bed more than any other product you own - including your car, TV, computer or mobile phone - the mattress you sleep on has to be right for you to ensure a supportive and comfortable sleep.

Buying Tips

  • Be sure to "test drive" your new mattress in the store by lying down on several different models in various positions, especially the one you usually sleep in.


  • Pay special attention to its support of your lower back, postural alignment (as if you were standing) and make sure you feel plenty of comfort at the shoulders and hips.


  • Shop with your partner so the selection of your new bed is made together. Those few extra minutes of focusing on the "feel" of different mattress choices can save a lot of time later.


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